Non-Degree Courses

The United Nations University (UNU) organises a number of specialised non-degree training opportunities throughout the global UNU system each year; these range from single-day workshops to multi-week courses on topics covering the gamut of UNU’s thematic areas of focus.

Some courses allow students to earn credit towards their degree; others lead to a UNU certificate upon completion. Courses maintain a solutions-oriented focus with the aim of providing students with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead the way in addressing globally pressing problems. The solutions-oriented nature and global setting of UNU’s non-degree courses allow for a classroom experience that is unique to a university within the United Nations system.

Application procedures and schedules differ by course and institute. If you are interested in a non-degree programme, please contact the relevant institute directly with any course-specific questions.

UNU-BIOLAC — Academic and Fellowship Membership programmes

UNU-CRIS — Capacity building programmes

UNU-EGOV — Credited courses

UNU-EHS — Non-degree courses and eLearning

UNU-FLORES — Online courses

UNU-IAS — Credited courses and Certificate programmes

UNU-IIGH — Capacity building programmes

UNU-INRA — Certificate programmes

UNU-INWEH — Water Learning Centre

UNU-MERIT — Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policies   Evidence-Based Policy Research Methods   Migration Management Diploma Programme   Online Courses   Short courses (Master’s)

UNU-WIDER — Non-degree learning opportunities