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The UN Security Council: Key Challenges and Strategic Opportunities for Non-permanent Members

TOKYO: This seminar on 27 May will bring together representatives of Algeria, Denmark, Japan and Slovenia to share UN Security Council experiences.



Enhancing Due Process in UN Security Council Targeted Sanctions Regimes

Developing a new proposal to the UN Security Council for enhancing due process in UN targeted sanctions.

16 Sep 2023

Conversation Series

“Is the UN Security Council Paralyzed? The Impact of Ukraine on the UN and the World”

UNU will host a Conversation Series event with Ms Karin Landgren, Executive Director of Security Council Report.


Conversation Series

“International Law, the UN Security Council, and Beyond”, a Conversation with Eran Sthoeger

UNU will host a conversation with Mr. Eran Sthoeger, a litigator and consultant in international law, and Adjunct Professor at Brooklyn Law School.



The UN Security Council and Transitional Justice

How does Security Council language reflect the Council's approach to transitional justice, and what is the impact of this approach?

05 Mar 2021

Media Coverage

A Plea for Help and Peace, from Colombia’s Communities to the UN Security Council

What the Security Council can learn from past experiences of transitional justice.

03 Oct 2020


What can the UN Security Council do on Climate and Security?

Examining how climate change and security risks trigger the Security Council's mandate for action.

21 Jul 2020