Peace operations

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Elevating the UN Peacebuilding Commission: Proposals for the Summit of the Future

Recommendations to improve the UN’s Peacebuilding Commission ahead of the Summit of the Future.

26 Jan 2024

Gaza air strike

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What is the Path to Peace in Gaza?

13 Dec 2023


Improving Multilateral Approaches to Countering Organized Crime in Conflict-Affected States: Mali and the Central African Republic

Examining why certain conflict-affected states have developed high levels of organized crime - and exploring multilateral responses.

25 Jul 2023


Stress Testing the UN’s Regional Prevention Approaches

This project was driven by the key question: How can the UN better integrate its regional prevention work to more effectively respond to major crises?

24 Jul 2023

Elizabeth Spehar

Conversation Series

New Challenges for Multilateralism and Peace



Peacebuilding and Authoritarianism: The Unintended Consequences of UN Engagement in Post-Conflict Settings

Developing a usable framework to ensure peacebuilding support is not distorted or co-opted.

08 Apr 2021

The Politics of Action for Peacekeeping

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The Politics of Action for Peacekeeping

19 Feb 2019

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Protecting Protection: How Antonio Guterres Should Use Funding Cuts to Reform Peacekeeping

The UN's protection of civilians.

31 May 2017

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The Best Press: Defense Is No Offense

Why cuts to UN troops in Congo could be a good thing.

10 Apr 2017