Natural disasters

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New UNU Report Highlights Lessons for Building Climate Resilience Based on Experiences from the 2021 Floods in Western Europe

A new report by UNU-EHS, UNU-MERIT and UNU-CRIS provides five key recommendations for strengthening climate resilience.

23 May 2023


Book Examines How Climate Change and Displacement Affect the Right to Education

A new book by UNU-IAS and UNESCO presents case studies in Asia and the Pacific, providing guidance for policymakers to ensure education is protected.

09 May 2023


Asia-Pacific Regional Synthesis: Climate Change, Displacement and the Right to Education

Recommendations for building national education systems that are resilient to the impacts of climate change.

25 Apr 2023

Side Event

Urban Sustainability: How Can Cities Tackle Floods?

On 22 March, UNU-MERIT will co-organise a World Water Day event to discuss the drivers of urban flooding and how to build resilience.


Side Event

Water for Climate Mental Health Resilience

On 20 March, UNU-MERIT and UNU-CRIS will co-organise a side event as part of the UN 2023 Water Conference.


Media Coverage

Japan Times Article Features UNU-IAS Expert Comments on Disaster-Reduction Culture

The article discussed the contributions of scientists in Japan to disaster resilience in Asia and the Pacific.

31 Jan 2023


Letter in Science Calls for Loss & Damage Climate Fund to Serve Vulnerable Groups

A letter in the journal Science addresses how to ensure vulnerable groups can access funding for countries impacted by climate change.

27 Jan 2023