Kiva Diamond Allotey-Reidpath

Kiva Diamond Allotey-Reidpath


BA, Politics, Philosophy and History, Birkbeck, University of London

Kiva Diamond Allotey-Reidpath is a young professional starting his career in the international civil service. 

He’s currently working on the climate justice and determinants of health work package at UNU, but prior to this he has worked at the journal of Sexual Reproductive Health Matters where he was researching Digital health and reproductive rights, in addition to having a paper on women’s right to abort. He has a bachelor’s degree with Honours from Birkbeck College in Politics, Philosophy and History. His Dissertation was on the impact of miscommunications in the role of the Apology. Kiva has a wide range of interests supported by a skilled foundation in critical theory, research skill and an understanding of systems of governance and social policy. 

He is interested in the communication of policy and strategy, the construction of information and how different sectors communicate with each other.