Strategic Plan

The mission and vision of UNU-IAS

The UNU-IAS Strategic Plan 2020–2024 guides the development and implementation of the institute’s research, policy development, teaching, and capacity building initiatives, as well as its administration and communications activities. It sets out the mission and vision of UNU-IAS, and defines the institute’s overall strategic objectives as well as specific objectives for each of its programmes. The plan centres on the vision of UNU-IAS as an international think tank providing solutions for the SDGs and other global agendas.

The plan is closely aligned with the overall strategic direction of the United Nations University (UNU), as outlined in the UNU Strategic Plan 2020–2024.


The UNU-IAS Strategic Plan 2020–2024 was produced through an inclusive process of internal stocktaking and dialogue, and reflects the outcomes of a comprehensive external evaluation of UNU-IAS conducted in 2020. It was developed in consultation with the UNU-IAS Board, which endorsed the plan in April 2021.