De Lombaerde, Philippe

Director Ad Interim

  • Philippe De Lombaerde
    Potterierei 72
    +32 50 47 11 00

    Research Interests

    • Comparative Regionalism
    • European Integration
    • Globalization and regionalization indicators
    • Regional cooperation and integration


    • Ph.D., Economics / Econometrics / Political Science, Rhenish-Westphalian Technical University

    Biographical Statement

    Philippe De Lombaerde was appointed Director ad interim of UNU-CRIS on 1 January 2020. He is also Associate Professor of International Economics at Neoma Business School (Reims – Rouen – Paris) since January 2016. Previously, he worked as Associate Director and Research Fellow at UNU-CRIS (2008-16 and 2002-08, respectively), Associate Professor of International Economics at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá) (1997-2004), Researcher and Lecturer at the University of Antwerp (1985-93 and 1999-2002) and as Researcher at the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) (Bangkok) (1993-94), among other appointments.

    Mr De Lombaerde (PhD, RWTH) studied economics, econometrics and political science at the universities of Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp and Aachen. He has been involved in policy research and consultancy projects for the governments of Belgium, Flanders, France, Germany, UK, Colombia and Thailand, and for UNDP, ILO, UNESCO, UNECA, UNESCWA, World Bank, Eurasian Development Bank, European Commission, EUROSTAT, UNASUR, and SADC.

    Co-authored and co-edited books include: Las empresas multinacionales latinoamericanas (Tercer Mundo Editores, Bogotá, 2000); The Periphery of the Euro. Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy in CIS Countries (Ashgate, London, 2006); Assessment and Measurement of Regional Integration (Routledge, London, 2006); Multilateralism, Regionalism and Bilateralism in Trade and Investment. 2006 World Report on Regional Integration (Springer, New York-Dordrecht, 2007); The Benelux: Time for a Re-birth? (Intersentia, Antwerp, 2007); Del regionalismo latinoamericano a la integración interregional (Fundación Carolina – Siglo XXI, Madrid, 2008); Governing Regional Integration for Development. Monitoring Experiences, Methods and Prospects (Ashgate, London, 2008); Regionalisation and Global Governance: The Taming of Globalisation? (Routledge, London, 2008); Aid for Trade. Global and Regional Perspectives. 2nd World Report on Regional Integration (Springer, New York-Dordrecht, 2009); The System of Indicators of Eurasian Integration (EDB,  Almaty, 2010); The EU and World Regionalism. The Makability of Regions in the 21st Century (Ashgate, Farnham-Burlington, 2010); The Regional Integration Manual. Quantitative and Qualitative Methods (Routledge, London-New York, 2011); Asymmetric Trade Negotiations (Ashgate, Farnham-Burlington, 2011); The United Nations and the Regions. Third World Report on Regional Integration (Springer, Dordrecht-New York, 2012); Regionalism (Sage, London, 2013, four volumes); The System of Indicators of Eurasian Integration II (EDB, Saint Petersburg, 2014); Migration, Free Movement and Regional Integration (UNESCO, Paris, 2015); Indicator-Based Monitoring of Regional Economic Integration (Springer, Dordrecht-New York, 2017); and The Political Economy of New Regionalisms in the Pacific Rim (Routledge, London-New York, 2019).

    Recent articles have been published in: Review of International Studies, Journal of European Integration, Journal of Common Market Studies, European Law Journal, South African Journal of Economics, Asian Economic Papers, Singapore Economic Review, Cuadernos de Economía, Global Social Policy, Journal of Policy Modeling, and Network Science.

    For a complete list of publications and paper downloads, see author page on ResearchGate: