Conversation Series

Robotics and AI: The Future Today

On 10 May 2024, UNU will host a conversation with Prof. Giuseppe Loianno, Director of the Agile Robotics and Perception Lab at New York University.

- Asia/Tokyo
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On 10 May 2024, UNU will host “Robotics and AI: The Future Today”, a conversation with Prof. Giuseppe Loianno, Assistant Professor at New York University and Director of the Agile Robotics and Perception Lab. This event will start at 18:30 in the 2F Reception Hall at UNU Headquarters in Tokyo.

In a world that is rapidly transformed by technology, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will reshape industries and redefine societal norms. Robotics and AI will impact productivity across a wide spectrum, from augmenting human capabilities in daily tasks to exploring other planets in our solar system. From autonomous systems to intelligent algorithms, the symbiotic relationship between robotics and AI paves the way for unprecedented possibilities and challenges, contributing to the future health and well-being of humanity.

Prof. Giuseppe Loianno will join UNU Head of Communications Kyra Bowman for a conversation exploring the transformative potential of robotics and AI in shaping our present and future lives. What benefits will these technological advancements bring to society? Is there a risk that millions of jobs will be replaced by AI? Which new innovations are on the horizon? 

The UNU Conversation Series aims to foster audience participation; you are encouraged to engage with the speakers during the conversation and at the reception that will follow, where all event attendees are invited to enjoy hors d’oeuvres and drinks while exchanging ideas and making new contacts.

Please note that this event will be in English. Advance registration (by 9 May at 15:00) is required. Please click the REGISTER button above to access the online registration page. 

Please be prepared to present identification at check-in. 

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About the speaker

Prof. Giuseppe Loianno is currently an Assistant Professor at New York University (NYU) in New York, NY, USA, and the Director of the Agile Robotics and Perception Lab. Prior to joining NYU, he was a Research Scientist and Team Leader with GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA. With over a decade of experience in robotics research, Prof. Loianno has made significant contributions to the field, focusing on perception, learning, and control for autonomous robots. His research interests span a wide range of topics including aerial robotics, unmanned aerial systems, and multi-robot systems.  

He has authored or coauthored more than 70 conference papers, journal papers, and book chapters and is a recipient of prestigious awards including NSF CAREER Award and the DARPA Young Faculty Award. Prof. Guiseppe Loianno serves as a senior editor for IROS and IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, as well as an associate editor for multiple other robotics journals including IEEE Transactions on Robotics, International Journal of Robotics Research, Field Robotics, and Frontiers in Robotics and AI.  

He chairs the IEEE RAS Robotics Foundations cluster and the IEEE RAS TC on Aerial Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Systems. He also served as the General Chair of the IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics (SSRR) in 2021 and has been Program Chair in previous years.

Prof. Loianno's groundbreaking work has been featured in numerous renowned international news and magazines such as IEEE Spectrum, Popular Science, Scientific American, TechCrunch, MIT Technological Review, and Quartz, solidifying his reputation as a leading authority in the field of Robotics and AI.