The World at Crossroads — Securing the Future Generations

MAPUTO: The WIDER Development Conference will be held from 14–16 May 2024.

- Africa/Maputo
Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence, Avenida Marginal 141, 9999, Maputo, Mozambique
Open to public

On 14–16 May 2024, UNU-WIDER will host the WIDER Development Conference "The World at Crossroads — Securing the Future Generations" in Maputo, Mozambique.

Across the three days of the conference, renowned researchers and policymaking experts will discuss the greatest development challenges of our time — climate change, persistent inequalities and rising political instability — and what actions are needed now to best safeguard future generations.

Aligned with the broader development agenda, the content of this conference will include pertinent research questions with significant policy implications, ensuring economic policy and development discussions consider their political and social dimensions. With a focus on livelihoods and labour markets, human capital, the social contract, and better data for predicting and monitoring crises, the event aims to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The conference will include four high-level panels featuring distinguished speakers, including Amilcar Tivane (Vice Minister of Economy and Finance of Mozambique), Jorge Ferrão (Rector of the Pedagogic University), Enilde Sarmento (National Director of Economic Policy and Development, Ministry of Economy and Finance), Adnan Khan (Chief Economist, UK FCDO), Luis Felipe Lopez-Calva (World Bank), Shanta Devarajan (Georgetown University), Santiago Levy (Brookings Institution), Ricardo Paes de Barros (Director of Social Policy and Research at the National Institute for Applied Economic Research in Brazil), Bo Viktor Nylund (Director of UNICEF Innocenti Centre), Blandina Kilama (Personal Assistant to the President of Tanzania - Economic Affairs), Dean Karlan (Northwestern University and USAID), Betty N. Wainaina (Center on International Cooperation NYU), Penelope Hawkins (Acting Director, Debt and Development Finance Branch, UNCTAD), and Victor Murinde (Incoming Executive Director, African Economic Research Consortium).

For event updates and to explore the conference programme, visit the event page on the UNU-WIDER website.

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