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News 26 Sep 2023

UNU Macau joined EQUALS-EU's final conference in Latvia

Speaking at the session, Dr. Jaimee Stuart addressed the role of hackathons in promoting gender equity in the Asian context.

Press Release 25 Sep 2023

Redefining Global Health Security: A Novel Framework Sheds Light on Equity and Decolonial Approaches

A new policy paper spotlights the need to address the potential pitfalls of the growing health-security nexus.

News 19 Sep 2023

Understanding Climate-related Mobility in Contexts of Urbanization

New policy brief provides recommendations to address the challenges of climate-related mobility in urban areas across the Global South

News 15 Sep 2023

UNU and International Science Council Sign Agreement to Strengthen Academic Collaboration

UNU and ISC will collaborate on academic research and initiatives aimed at advancing progress towards global sustainability and human well-being.

News 13 Sep 2023

UNU Macau Opens Up a Project Assistant Position

UNU Macau is looking for a Project Assistant to support the overall financial and administrative functions of the Institute.

News 11 Sep 2023

Building citizen science intelligence for outbreak response using the companion modelling approach

Dr. Serge Stinckwich and Dr. Sylvia Muyingo will share their insights on Kenya, Brazil and Vietnam, in a session in the Science Summit at UNGA78.

News 08 Sep 2023

In Memoriam: Enrique Forero, UNU Council Member

UNU Council member Enrique Forero, age 80, died on 5 September 2023.  

News 08 Sep 2023

Exploring Opportunities and Risks of Using Synthetic Data in the Training of AI Models

In a new policy brief, UNU experts analyse the potential of synthetic data to attain sustainable development, especially in the Global South.

News 08 Sep 2023

UNU-CPR Recommendations Unanimously Adopted by African Financial Authorities

Move promises to strengthen continent’s fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.

News 07 Sep 2023

New Fellowship Will Explore Options for a More Future-Oriented Multilateral System

Fellows will develop solutions with the potential to enhance anticipatory action and strengthen multilateralism.