Our Work: Three Pillars

A global health policy translation hub for UN member states, agencies and programmes

Global Health

UNU-IIGH serves as a global research institute with a primary mission to enhance worldwide health outcomes. Through the generation of policy-relevant analysis and the facilitation of capacity development, the institute strives to bring about positive changes. Collaborating closely with UN agencies, governments, and various stakeholders, UNU-IIGH engages in evidence generation, policy recommendation formulation, and capacity-building initiatives. This collaborative approach enables the institute to effectively address multifaceted global health challenges, making a tangible impact on people's lives worldwide. Guided by a gender-focused perspective, UNU-IIGH operates across three fundamental pillars:

Translation of evidence to policy

The institute uses a dynamic approach to translating evidence into actionable health policies. By closing the gap between data and impactful action, this pillar underscores UNU-IIGH's dedication to transforming global health challenges into tangible solutions. Through collaboration, research and knowledge translation, UNU-IIGH plays a pivotal role in shaping a more informed and responsive global health landscape. 

Gender and health

UNU-IIGH is dedicated to advancing global health through a gender-focused lens. This pillar highlights the institute's commitment to generating policy-relevant analysis that integrates gender considerations, driving impactful and equitable health outcomes. By addressing gender inequalities in health and advocating for gender-sensitive practices, UNU-IIGH contributes significantly to shaping a more inclusive and sustainable global health landscape. 

Capacity building

Pillar Three of UNU-IIGH focuses on building grassroots capacity. By strengthening the skills of local decision-makers, UNU-IIGH facilitates effective responses to global health challenges. This pillar underscores the institute's dedication to fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and skill development among diverse stakeholders. Through these efforts, UNU-IIGH empowers communities to drive sustainable health solutions and contribute to a more resilient global health landscape.

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The UNU-IIGH 2019-2023 strategy in summary

The UNU-IIGH Mission: Build knowledge and capacity for decision-making by UN agencies, UN programmes, and Member States about global health issues.
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