Al-Qubati, Abdulhakeem

Abdulhakeem Amer Abdulhafed Al-Qubati

Doctoral Researcher

MSc, Integrated Water Resources Management, TH Cologne (Germany), 2021
BSc, Civil Engineering, Sana'a University (Yemen), 2015

Abdulhakeem Amer Abdulhafed Al-Qubati is a Doctoral Researcher in the project “Resource Nexus Issues Revealed by COVID-19 for Professional Communities in the Agri-Food Supply Chain” at UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden since November 2021.

He works on estimating the carbon sequestration and greenhouse gases emissions from urban and peri-urban agriculture. Abdulhakeem joined UNU-FLORES in 2020 as an intern in the KlimaKonform project and SMART-WaterDomain project. After finishing the internship, he continued with the KlimaKonform project as a consultant.

Prior to joining UNU-FLORES, Abdulhakeem studied at Sana’a University, where he worked for two years as a Teaching Assistant between 2016 and 2018. In 2018, he received a DAAD scholarship to join the master’s programme “Integrated Water Resources Management with focus on the MENA region” in TH Cologne. He spent one exchange semester in Jordan as part of the programme.

Research Interests

  • Ecosystem Services
  • Hydrologic and environmental modelling
  • Integrated water resources management
  • Remote sensing and GIS