Fabienne Bossuyt headshot

Fabienne Bossuyt

Professorial Fellow

PhD, Political Sciences, Aston University
PhD, EU Studies, Ghent University

Fabienne Bossuyt is Assistant Professor at the Centre for EU Studies at the Department of Political Science at Ghent University. 

Fabienne currently contributes to UNU-CRIS in her capacity as supervisor of the BOF UNU-CRIS PhD project of Domenico Valenza. In addition, Fabienne Bossuyt also regularly engages in UNU-CRIS activities and outputs, including through the organisation of and involvement in workshops and seminars, and as guest editor and author of policy briefs in the UNU-CRIS policy brief series.

Fabienne Bossuyt holds a PhD in Political Science from Aston University and a PhD in EU Studies from Ghent University. Her main area of expertise is the EU’s foreign policy and in particular the EU’s relations with the post-Soviet space. Her recent research projects focus on various aspects of the EU’s relations with and policies towards Central Asia and other post-Soviet countries, including democracy promotion, development policy and human rights promotion. She has also sought to further develop and advance research that compares the EU’s relations with Central Asia with those of Russia and China. This has also led to research that looks into the question of possible cooperation between the EU, Russia and China in Central Asia.

She has published articles in, among others, Democratization, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Journal of International Relations and Development, Eurasian Geography and Economics, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, East European Politics & Societies, and Communist and Post-Communist Studies. She is currently co-editing a special issue on the Sino-Russian relationship (to be published in Eurasian Geography and Economics), a book on the EU-Russia relationship (forthcoming in Brill), as well as a book on the EU’s and China’s engagement with Central Asia (forthcoming in Routledge). The latter book is the outcome of a workshop hosted by UNU-CRIS in June 2018. Fabienne Bossuyt also engages in policy-related work. She was involved in the preparation of the EU’s new strategy for Central Asia, including as rapporteur for the EU Special Representative for Central Asia and as a policy advisor, inter alia, for the German and French Ministries for Foreign Affairs.

Research Interests

  • European Union Foreign Policy
  • Foreign policy