Namiko Matsuo UNU

Namiko Matsuo

Assistant to the Senior Vice-Rector

UNU Centre

Namiko Matsuo is the UNU Assistant to the Senior Vice-Rector.

Under the direct supervision of the Senior Vice-Rector and in close coordination with staff of the Office of the Rector, Namiko undertakes various administrative tasks and provides academic and research support.

Prior to joining UNU, Namiko worked for the Israel-based non-profit organization Bridges For Peace (BFP), which supports Israel and builds relationships with Jews in Israel and around the world. At BFP Japan office, she provided a range of operational support to the National Director as an administrative secretary. She was responsible for managing various projects as an event coordinator and managed the organization’s gift shop, importing goods from Israel and overseas.

Namiko holds a degree in Film from Orange Coast College in California, and in Theatre Arts from the City University of New York, Brooklyn College. Her previous professional experiences include serving as a business consultant at trading companies in her hometown Fukuoka, as an interpreter, a Master of Ceremonies, a designer and other such positions.