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Our Work on Water

Water is a core component of sustainable development, inherently linking livelihoods, ecosystems, populations, and infrastructure. Access to water and the management of water resources, services, and hazards significantly determine the state of human and environmental health, food and energy security, socio-economic prosperity, and peace.

UNU water-related research focuses particularly on the needs of developing countries. Through its global network of institutes and programmes, UNU is well-positioned to provide comprehensive policy advice on topics ranging from water governance, freshwater resources, and wastewater management, to sanitation and water-related risk reduction.


World Water Week 2017 is being held in Stockholm, Sweden from 27 August to 1 September. This year’s theme, “Water and Waste — Reduce and Reuse”, provides a significant opportunity for UNU to contribute its water expertise and strengthen engagement across sectors. Through research, commentary, and events, UNU’s work on water is helping to establish policy that will support healthy ecosystems and sound social development for decades to come.


Join us throughout World Water Week on Twitter and Facebook, and search for the hashtag #UNU4WATER.





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The United Nations University will be hosting an exhibition booth and co-organising events at World Water Week, 27 August – 1 September 2017.


You have the opportunity to meet scholars from two UNU institutes — the UNU Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES) and the UNU Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH). Come to our exhibition space to learn about current research projects and publications.


Science Faces Practice: Benefits and Risks of Wastewater Use
27 August 2017 (SUN), 09:00-10:30, Room FH 202

Journey to a World Free of Untreated Wastewater
29 August 2017 (TUE), 16:00-17:30, Room FH 300

Six Critical Components for SDG 6.3: Does Your Country Count?
31 August 2017 (THUR), 16:00-17:30, Room FH 202


A selection of UNU's research related to this year’s World Water Week theme “Water and Waste — Reduce and Reuse”. For an in-depth look at other water-related publications, please browse UNU Collections.

A Review of Health Risks and Pathways for Exposure to Wastewater Use in Agriculture
Sarah Dickin; Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace; Manzoor Qadir; Katherine Pizzacalla

Assessment of Bagmati River Pollution In Kathmandu Valley: Scenario-Based Modeling and Analysis for Sustainable Urban Development
Binaya K. Mishra; Ram K. Regmi; Yoshifumi Masago; Kensuke Fukushi; Pankaj Kumar; Chitresh Saraswat

Contaminant Management in Water Reuse Systems
Manzoor Qadir; Pay Drechsel

How Do We Want to Live Tomorrow? Perspectives on Water Management in Urban Regions
Viktoria Berger; Fernando M. Fan; Friederike Gabel; Paulo H. Galvão; Maria Gies; Daniel Grabner; Simone Langhans; Priscilla Macedo-Moura; Anderson Abel de Souza Machado; Rodrigo L. Manzione; Elena Matta; Ana Andreu; Marcio Augusto Ernesto de Moraes; Ana C. D. Morihama; Anderson Luiz Ribeiro de Paiva; Natalia A. Periotto; Gwendolin Porst; Caroline Rigotto; Benedikt Roters; Stephan Schulz et al.

Improving Health in Cities Through Systems Approaches for Urban Water Management
Louis C. Rietveld; José G. Siri; Indira Chakravarty; A.M. Arsenio; Ranjit Biswas; Anushree Chatterjee

Possible Climate Change/Variability and Human Impacts, Vulnerability of Drought-Prone Regions, Water Resources and Capacity Building for Africa
Thian Yew Gan; Mari Ito; Stephan Hülsmann; Xiaosheng Qin; Xi Xi Lu; Shie-Yui Liong; Peter Rutschman; Markus Disse; Harri Koivusalo

Safe Use of Wastewater in Agriculture: Good Practice Examples
Hiroshan Hettiarachchi; Reza Ardakanian

TIGER Savanna Tool Handbook: On Remote Sensing of Water Use and Water Stress in African Savanna Ecosystems from Local to Regional Scale
Ana Andreu; Eva Kimonye; Timothy Dube

Wastewater as a Resource: The Water-Waste-Energy Nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa
Paul Gremillion; Tamara Avellán

Wastewater Management: An African Vetiver Technology
Effiom Oku; Catherine V. Nnamani; Michael O. Otam

Water Reuse in Arid Zones
Manzoor Qadir; Toshio Sato