Climate Change and African Initiatives


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    President Wade spoke on climate change and Africa, and specifically on how African-led initiatives, such as la Grande Muraille Verte (the Great Green Wall) can contribute to combating desertification.

    Projects that foster the greening of the continent have, of necessity, a regional dimension, and in his recent speeches President Wade has highlighted the importance of the sharing of experiences, of collaborative effort, and of innovation to the success of these initiatives. His presentation looked at how such activity contributes to the fostering of new technologies and partnerships in the field of land and resource management.

    Prior to delivering the U Thant Distinguished Lecture, President Wade participated in the 2008 G8 Summit in Hokkaido where he was invited by the Japanese government, together with representatives of six other African countries and the African Union, to discuss with the G8 leaders issues concerning African development, including climate change.

    After delivering the lecture, President Wade granted an interview to UNU in which he expanded upon some of the themes of the lecture.