World Inequality

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    Dominik ETIENNE

    The richest 1 per cent of world adults owns nearly 40 per cent of the world’s wealth. Meanwhile, inequality and wealth disparities — both within and between countries — are on the rise.

    To understand the development of inequality across the globe, this project is developing the World Income Database (WIID), which is currently the most comprehensive and complete database on inequality indicators. The project also is generating new research output based on WIID data, from a study on the drivers of within-country inequality to the design of redistributive transfer systems in developing countries.

    The project’s objectives are to:

    • advance data collection, measurement, and research regarding the development of inequality in the world
    • improve the methods of, and resources for, the analysis of income inequality around the world
    • help developing countries build up their capacity to tackle inequality and create a more inclusive society

    Led by the UNU World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), this project is supported by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, the British Department for International Development, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.