World Humanitarian Summit

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    Alexandra Ivanovic

    UNU-CPR was commissioned to provide research input on critical issues relevant to the role of the United Nations in humanitarian activities, with particular reference to: (a) Work on protracted crises; (b) Work on development and deployment of the Bosphorous Compact The work includes the development of a concept note for the Bosphorous Compact, work on development of the final draft of the compact, as well as additional inputs into the rapidly evolving World Humanitarian Summit. This stream of work on protracted crises is one of the focus areas in WHS theme 2: reducing vulnerability and managing risk. Each focus area will generate, through a process of consultation and commissioned research/analysis, a paper by June 2015 that will provide a small set of recommendations on what key changes or action needs to be taken to meet the humanitarian challenges of the future. These recommendations will then be distilled into a thematic paper that each of the four themes will develop, the core elements of which will be discussed at a Global Consultation in October 2015. These processes and the vision and recommendations that follow on from them will then be captured in a report of the UN Secretary-General, which will be the major input into the Summit process (to take place in May 2016).