WasteForce – Waste Enforcement Forensics and Capacity Building

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    Ruediger Kuehr

    The project aims at boosting the operational activities and capacities of authorities involved in the fight against illegal trade and management of waste through: (i) development of new practical tools and methodologies; (ii) implementation of multi-stakeholder capacity building activities; and (iii) support of operational networking among practitioners in Europe and with their counterparts in the Asia- Pacific region, one of the main regions of destination of illicit waste shipments. To achieve these objectives, the project will provide beneficiaries with hands-on up-to-date instruments, including strategic information sharing tools and methodologies, and forensics tools, to facilitate their everyday work in detecting illegal trade and management of waste along the roads intra-Europe and Europe-Asia-Pacific. Building on those instruments, the project will organise multi-disciplinary trainings sessions and webinars to enhance authorities’ capacities. Looking at the international routes of transboundary waste shipments, the project will also seek to enhance international operational networking between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region through information-sharing activities and dedicated training materials. The project will thus contribute to build stronger relationships among key stakeholders in the cross-border waste chain that can continue after the project. The direct beneficiaries of the project are the authorities involved in waste-related crimes across the enforcement chain, including environmental inspectorates, law enforcement agencies (LEAs), customs and port authorities, and prosecutors both in Europe and in Asia-Pacific region. In the long term and through the participation of IMPEL and the United Nations entities involved (UNU, UNITAR and UN Environment as subcontractor) and the German Police University (Traffic Science & Traffic Psychology), the project’s outputs will be widely disseminated, so as to reach out to stakeholders and practitioners in other countries.