Urban Health and Climate Co-benefits

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    Jose Puppim de Oliveira

    This project aims at contributing to the new UNU-IAS Water and Urban (WUI) initiative of the Global Human Development programme by building the urban health initiative together with UNU-IIGH. The project examines the opportunities for improving urban health resulted from the mitigation co-benefits coming from tackling global environmental change, specially their links with health. The project will be built on the previous UNU-IAS (old) project “Urban Development with the Co-benefits Approach”. It will also work closely to UNU-IIGH project “Planetary change and sustainable urban health, as well as to the newly established ICSU-IAMP-UNU Urban Health Programme

    As the world population increasingly moves to cities, planning urban spaces have been one of the key components to improve health in cities, particularly to deal with health challenges of the 21st century such as obesity, diabetes and heart problems, as well as those related to large scale natural disasters or diseases outbreaks caused by global environmental change. The project examines how mitigating global environmental problems at the city level can also help to mitigate the urban health problems (co-benefits, or win-win situations). This can contribute to find solutions to improve development outcomes at the urban level and at the same time achieve global goals on environmental change.