UNU-LRT Six-month Training Programme

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    UNU Iceland
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    Hafdis Aegisdottir

    Land degradation not only destroys livelihoods by reducing land productivity, but also endangers the health of our natural ecosystem upon which we all depend. Land degradation — whether caused by deforestation, agricultural mismanagement, overexploitation, or other human activities — threatens human health, food production, and biodiversity. Degraded land also emits carbon and is a significant driver of climate change.

    The UNU-LRT Six-month Training Programme, designed for working professionals in developing countries, aims to combat land degradation by providing cutting-edge, intensive lessons in the methods and theories of land restoration and sustainable land management.

    The goals of the programme are to:

    • strengthen the capacity of local institutions in Africa and Central Asia in the field of land restoration and sustainable land management
    • train specialists who are able to advance and implement land restoration initiatives on different levels, from local community to national policies
    • contribute to a global partnership of countries and professionals working towards the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goal #15

    Led by the UNU Land Restoration Training Programme (UNU-LRT), the six-month course is supported by the Agricultural University of Iceland, the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland, and the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

    Existing multimedia materials/output:

    • http://www.unulrt.is/en/videos
    • Hafdis Aegisdottir Hafdis Aegisdottir Director of the United Nations University Land Restoration Training Programme (UNU-LRT)
      Project Manager
    • Berglind Orradottir Berglind Orradottir Deputy Director