UNU-LRT Six-Month Training Programme

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    UNU Iceland
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    Hafdis Aegisdottir

    UNU-LRT offers annually a cutting edge, intensive six-month post-graduate training programme. The overall goal of the six-month programme is to train working professionals in developing countries in the methods and theories of land restoration and sustainable land management, and to strengthen their capacities to advance and implement those activities in their home countries. The programme aims to provide the specialists with comprehensive understanding of issues that must be addressed to successfully manage and restore land. The programme equips fellows with appropriate knowledge, courage and confidence to act independently, to interpret and apply their knowledge and to act on inferences they make based on this knowledge. The programme is also committed to promoting gender equality by maintaining gender balance in the admission of fellows as well as providing a gender-sensitive learning environment. The teaching and learning methods at UNU-LRT six-month training programme emphasise active participation of all fellows in an interactive setting. These include lectures, field and in-class demonstrations, practical training and application, field and in-class exercises, group work, workshops, and field trips. The topics and modules taught are organized according to the UNU-LRT project cycle framework. The project cycle is used as a framework for process management throughout the training sessions and the modules are strategically placed within the cycle. The aims of the training are reached by emphasizing both the theoretical knowledge and understanding of land degradation and restoration processes and principles, and the process management needed to be able to bring about changes. By applying the project cycle as a process management framework in the UNU-LRT programme curriculum we link the science and practical aspects of land issues and project management.