UNU-FTP Six-Month Training Programme

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    UNU Iceland
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    Capacity development
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    Mary frances Davidson

    Each year, the UNU-FTP offers a 6-month training course in Iceland. The aim of this course is to strengthen the professional capacity of UNU-FTP Fellows to actively contribute to the work done in their organizations and to recognize development potential in their home countries.

    The six month training is divided into three parts; the introductory, specialization, and final project. In the introduction, fellows are exposed to a holistic view of fisheries and gain insights into various disciplines within fisheries and their connectedness. Through a series of lectures, site visits and assignments, fellows cultivate a better understanding of fisheries in their home countries. During the specialist training, fellows focus on one specific area of fisheries and hone their expertise through lectures, assignments, and site visits. Fellows also use this time to develop ideas for a final project in collaboration with their supervisors. In the final part of the 6-month training, fellows work closely with a supervisor to conduct research on a pressing issue related to their work at home. Combining the experience and practical skills developed in the introductory and specialist training and their personal goals, fellows design and present a research proposal. Research is then conducted individually through close collaboration with a supervisor.