UNU-FTP Conferences and Workshops

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    UNU Iceland
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    Mary frances Davidson

    The UNU-FTP participates in conferences and workshops through a variety of means. In some cases, the UNU-FTP plans, pays for, and runs conferences. In other instances, the involvement of the UNU-FTP is less direct, and can consist for sponsorship of former UNU-FTP fellows, partners, or staff to attend conferences.

    There are multiple objectives of these activities. Firstly, by sponsoring formwe fellows to attend internaitonal conferences on fisheries, the UNU-FTP is supporting engagement and networking among former fellows. Secondly, the UNU-FTP aims to include voices and perspectives from the global south in high-level dialogue on important issues relating to fisheries. Lastly, through these grants the UNU-FTP encourages former fellows to continue engaging in high quality, rigirous research that is relevant to the international community.