University Network for Climate and Ecosystems Change Adaptation Research in Asia (UN-CECAR)

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    Srikantha Herath

    The University Network for Climate and Ecosystems Change Adaptation Research (UN-CECAR) is a framework for collaborative research, education and capacity development. It includes many different activities, supported by a number of donors. The purpose of UN-CECAR is to enhance education and research on adaptation to climate change and ecosystems change, and to build the emerging sustainability science discipline. The approach of the network is to build a collaborative platform of all leading universities in Asia focused on delivering postgraduate education and research on climate change, ecosystems change, and adaptation. The network is the first of its kind in the region. Its International Coordinating Committee (ICC) consists of representatives from more than 20 of Asia’s leading universities, and it currently has academic exchange agreements with over 14 universities. UNU-IAS acts as the Secretariat for UN-CECAR, and develops and coordinates activities on behalf of the network members. The network is undertaking the following activities: (1) developing and conducting joint research initiatives; (2) developing module-based postgraduate courses and credit-sharing arrangements, and (3) developing integrated capacity-building initiatives that incorporate postgraduate research, pilot research projects, training programs and dissemination workshops. UN-CECAR was established in 2009, and conducts an annual conference, development of courseware and training courses, and several workshops each year. It provides the UNU-IAS contribution to the Global Leadership Initiative – a joint postgraduate programme of UNU-IAS and The University of Tokyo. The project also supports UNU-IAS inputs to a major project on climate change adaptation supported by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan. The UN-CECAR project also provides computing and IT facilities, technical support and resources for the UNU-IAS postgraduate degree programmes.