UN Sanctions and Mediation 2.0 – Moving from Evidence to Impact (a.k.a. “SMP 2.0”)

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    Adam Day

    Mediation and UN sanctions are two essential policy instruments used by the United Nations in its efforts to prevent and resolve conflict. These two tools are almost always deployed in conjunction, although the degree of their overlap in time and the sequencing of their application vary. The project “UN Sanctions and Mediation· Establishing Evidence to Inform Practice” (a.k.a “SMP 1.0”) established an initial evidence baseline on how these tools interact and identified instances of complementarity and complication. Moreover, SMP 1.0 brought the sanctions and mediation expert communities together to begin to build a common knowledge base and to overcome entrenched misunderstandings.

    As an immediate follow-on from SMP 1.0, UN Sanctions and Mediation 2.0: Moving from Evidence to Impact seeks to achieve two broad goals: first to help translate the evidence established through SMP 1.0 into more effective policy and practice and second, to continue to bridge the gap between the sanctions and mediation communities through awareness raising, support and training. SMP 2.0 proposes to do this through a three-pronged approach:

    Prong 1: Policy uptake and substantive advice: Assist key stakeholders, in particular Member States and the UN Secretariat, in the development of policy regarding sanctions and mediation and provide substantive advice regarding ongoing cases.

    Prong 2: Training and assistance: Develop a training module and provide tailored assistance for UN sanctions and mediation experts, including through developing reflective questions to encourage best practice.

    Prong 3: Dissemination and research: Disseminate SMP 1.0 findings in policy and research circles and deepen SMP research in specific areas where additional insights are needed on UN sanctions-mediation dynamics.

    The SMP 2.0 project will run for 30 months from January 2019 to June 2021.