UN sanctions and IHL

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    Adam Day

    The humanitarian space in armed conflict has been shrinking. While concerns voiced by humanitarian actors, particularly over the last decade, have captured the attention of the international community, much of the discussion has focused on Counter-Terrorism (CT) measures, and among these, CT sanctions have garnered much of the spotlight. There is limited evidence, if any, about the impact of sanctions in armed conflicts contexts outside of the CT sphere, despite the fact that 2/3 of UN sanctions regimes fall outside of this realm. This study, supported by the Swiss Government and in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross, seeks to fill these gaps by 1) analyzing the impact of UN sanctions on the ability of humanitarian actors to deliver principled humanitarian action ; 2) reviewing States efforts to manage simultaneous compliance with their IHL obligations and their sanctions obligations ; 3) identifying best practices among States and developing guidance recommendations to safeguard space for impartial humanitarian actors. The findings of this project are of direct interest and importance to the Security Council, Member States, sanctions experts and humanitarian actors.