Beyond Opportunism: The UN Development System’s response to the Triple Planetary Crisis

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    David Passarelli

    In March 2021, the UN Development Coordination Office (UNDCO) gathered the United Nation’s Resident Coordinators for a deep dive into the Triple Planetary Crisis. The intention was to assess the multi-dimensional impact of the nature-climate change-pollution crisis and identify tools and mechanisms that will support a multi-disciplinary approach to tackling the associated challenges at country level.

    UNU-CPR and UNU-INRA have been commissioned to supply this analysis and have engaged Resident Coordinators and UN experts to solicit best practices and document the constraints experienced on the ground specifically as it relates to the Triple Planetary Crisis. The analysis and recommendations contained in this report draw on over 20 in-depth interviews carried out during months of March and April 2021. 

    The report highlights the major challenges and opportunities for effective engagement by the UN development system in country settings. It looks creatively at the important differences across regions, and aims to inspire Resident Coordinators and UN Country Teams to address the Triple Planetary Crisis through integrated policy advice, as well as fostering critical self-reflection in the UN development system.