The State of the UN’s Climate Security Research

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    Adam Day

    Growing recognition of the links between climate change and violent conflict has generated a significant shift within the UN in recent years. A dedicated Climate-Security Mechanism has been established, drawing expertise from multiple UN agencies to increase the profile of climate-security across the multilateral system. In support of this initiative, UN University’s Centre for Policy Research (UNU-CPR) recently published a report on conflict prevention in the era of climate change, which developed new case studies on the work of the UN in addressing conflict risks in areas affected by environmental change. UNDP’s Oslo Governance Forum and the Folke Bernadotte Institute have commissioned 11 case studies by Peace and Development Advisors (PDAs), which are due to be published in May 2020 – these studies will significantly broaden the evidence base for the UN’s climate-security research, adding important field perspectives that should be captured for future policy work.

    This project aims to capture the current state of the UN’s climate-security research, building principally on the 11 PDA-commissioned case studies and UNU-CPR’s recent publication. It will produce a short (7-10 page) paper, describing some of the common themes emerging from this research, some key findings in each study, and offering some recommendations for researchers and policymakers going forward.

    • Adam Day Adam Day Head of the Geneva Office
      Project Manager