The Nexus Observatory – Data, Monitoring, and Governance

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    Mathew Kurian

    Advancing a Nexus Approach to the sustainable management of natural resources requires better alignment of data collection, access to complete data, comparable standards, better analysis of data, as well as a unified monitoring framework. The Nexus Observatory is an initiative of UNU-FLORES, which aims to advance data classification, strengthen monitoring frameworks, and facilitate governance processes for evidence-based decision-making and knowledge transfer. It will facilitate and support synergies, as well as enhance coordination, communication, and collaboration between sectors and stakeholders. The main focus of the Nexus Observatory is the engagement with science-policy challenges and the identification of capacity development opportunities, along with responding to regional/ national priorities. In addition, current trends and debates within the UN system, such as discussions around the Sustainable Development Goals and the post-2015 development agenda, will inform activities of this initiative. Thus, it will serve as an online platform for consolidating and translating science into relevant information and evidence, which will empower decision makers to develop strategies, policies, as well as natural resource management planning and implementation frameworks. This project includes the UNU-FLORES Joint Research Project (JRP NO. 2) activity in Africa on Drought and Flood Risk Management in African Region.

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