Systems Thinking and place-based methods for healthier Malaysian cities (SCHEMA)

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    David Tan Tat Ui

    Cities are now the dominant human habitat, with more influence than ever on economies, environments and health. Despite progress, intractable urban health problems persist, often the unintended consequences of decisions in other sectors. These problems carry substantial costs and are unevenly distributed. Unraveling urban complexity requires systems approaches grounded in a social-ecological understanding of health. In illuminating linkages between health and physical and social environments, such work can lead to healthier, greener, more equitable cities. This project joins partners with expertise in systems and place-based methods, urban planning and public health to examine urban health in Malaysia. It will apply such methods to catalyze and inform urban decision-making for local health and environment goals, focusing on the roles of 1) green infrastructure and 2) food systems while developing local research capacity.