SUWA via e-Learning

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    Capacity development
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    Hiroshan Hettiarachchi

    Wastewater irrigation is perhaps the most prominent, example of the safe use potential of wastewater. On a global scale, over 20 million hectares of agricultural land are irrigated using wastewater. Developing countries and countries in transition need clear institutional arrangements and skilled human resources to address the technical, institutional, and policy challenges related to safe use of wastewater in agriculture (SUWA). In line with the institutional mandate to advance the Nexus Approach to managing water, soil, and waste, UNU-FLORES continues to develop new projects to address abovementioned needs.

    Through capacity development, research, and educational projects that were carried out over the past couple of years, UNU-FLORES has mobilised new knowledge and experience on SUWA that can be of great value to many communities, countries, and regions around the world. To make this valuable knowledge more accessible to these markets, UNU-FLORES aims at developing an e-learning course covering the basic concepts behind SUWA. The course will provide the basic background knowledge needed for individuals as well as institutions to commence pilot projects in wastewater irrigation. The knowledge sharing process is envisioned as a mutually beneficial feedback loop that allows for information on interesting new SUWA case studies to be collected from the course takers and integrated into future research and products. This educational tool will follow a self-taught format and will be disseminated on a cost-recovery basis.