Strengthening the UN’s Preventive Diplomacy and Mediation Efforts in Fragile and Conflict-affected States 

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    Adam DAY

    In a time of increasing global conflict, effective preventive diplomacy is becoming ever-more important. To aid this effort, this project is conducting a systematic and rigorous analysis of six cases in which the UN was involved in working to prevent violent conflict.

    The analyses will be conducted by building on and adapting a DPA-developed assessment methodology and will focus on identifying best practices and lessons learned.

    The main outputs will include:

    • a detailed narrative and in-depth evaluations of UN-led preventive diplomacy interventions in these six cases
    • a policy report that synthesizes a set of lessons learned from the case studies, covering a range of critical themes (early warning and intelligence, the challenge of sovereignty, regional and international constraints, etc.)
    • a refined assessment methodology that, through continuous application, will ensure ongoing learning and identification of best practices within the UN, and contribute to improved planning of future interventions (which will, in turn, ensure sustainability of the project outcomes)

    It is expected that this project will increase the UN’s understanding of how early diplomatic action can work to prevent conflict; produce a sound, user-friendly framework to assess the success of preventive diplomacy; provide a basis for more-effective preventive diplomacy; and contribute to improved planning of preventive diplomacy interventions.