UNU-GTP Six-Month Training Programme

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    UNU Iceland
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    Project Manager :
    Ludvik Georgsson

    As we continue to experience the growing impacts of climate change, a global push to incorporate more renewable energy — including from geothermal sources — into our future energy mix is growing. This is especially true in developing and transitional countries, where energy demand is expected to grow dramatically in the future.

    But many developing countries with significant geothermal potential lack specialists working in the field, thus limiting their ability to develop their geothermal potential. To address this problem, the UNU-GTP Six-Month Training Programme aims to:

    • build knowledge, strengthen contact networks, and enhance institutional capacity in the geothermal sector in developing countries
    • establish multidisciplinary groups of specialists in geothermal exploration and development in developing countries through education for sustainability
    • help professionals and institutions in developing countries achieve their development goals

    Led by the UNU Geothermal Training Programme (UNU-GTP), the Six-Month Training Programme is supported by ISOR Iceland Geosurvey, Orkustofnun, the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Icelandic International Development Agency, the European Free Trade Association, the Kenya Electricity Generating Company, and the Geothermal Development Company.