Organized Crime – Global Strategic Trends

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    UNU Office at the United Nations
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    Julia Blocher

    The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence is co-ordinating a cross UK Government document titled “Global StrategicTrends” up to 2050 The document, released every two years by the British government, describes a strategic context for Defence and Security. It takes a comprehensive view of the future and looks out to 2050, providing high-quality continuous research to support policy-makers with a context for strategic decision making. It seeks to present the public of the United Kindgom and policy makers with key questions, opportunities and threats which need to be tackled between today and 2050. It is based research in order to best inform policy makers, whose decisions will have a great impact on the future both domestically and internationally.

    For the first time “Global StrategicTrends” will include a chapter, drafted by UNU, on the trends in organised crime and corruption projected to 2050. The chapter will be developed in two phases: I) Background research and scenario drafting using UNU resources, including the UNU’s Centre for Policy Research resources, and; II) The outcomes of a UNU-facilitated micro-workshop, at which experts in the field will consider the literature reviews and scenarios crafted in Phase 1.