UNU-GTP MSc and PhD Fellowship

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    UNU Iceland
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    Ludvik Georgsson

    In 2000 the UNU-GTP established an MSc programme in cooperation with the University of Iceland (UI). In May 2013, a similar contract was signed with the University of Reykjavik (RU). The MSc degree in Science and Engineering is awarded by UI and RU. The six months training at the UNU-GTP is an integral part and fulfils 25 percent of credit requirements. The aim of establishing the MSc programme was to further assist selected countries in building up specialist groups and to increase geothermal research capacity. In 2008 a PhD programme was established at UNU-GTP in the same fashion as the MSc programme. Since start of the MSc Programme, 57 UNU-GTP Fellows have graduated with a MSc degree on a UNU-GTP scholarship. Three Fellows are currently pursuing their PhD degree. Four Fellows started their MSc studies in 2015 and one in 2016 and they graduated in 2017. One Fellow started his MSc studies in 2015 and graduated in 2018. Five Fellows started their MSc studies in 2016 and are estimated to graduate in 2018 and five Fellows started in 2017 and are estimated to graduate in 2019.