Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Evidence for Policy (MECLEP)

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    Robert Oakes

    MECLEP aims to develop a migrant centered and policy oriented programme of work based on three main components/orientations: 1) new empirical research at the global level on environmentally induced migration through 6 targeted case studies 2) build the capacity of policy makers to formulate related policies through training and 3) facilitate policy coherence among the selected countries through national level consultations and final international dialogue. Therefore the overall objective of this action is to contribute to the global knowledge base on the relationship between migration and environmental change, including climate change, and the formulation of related policy within comprehensive migration management strategies. More specifically, the specific objectives are directly tied to three main components of the actions as described above. These are: to strengthen knowledge and information sharing about migration and environmental change and the implication for adaptation 2) Enhance government capacity to take action on environmental migration 3) facilitate policy coherence and cooperation on environmental migration nationally and across regions.