Migration and Crises

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    Anna Franzil

    Due to unprecedented mass displacement, migrants and refugees are now at the centre of international discourse. Whereas traditional research examines the root causes of forced migration in terms of conflict and natural disasters, this project investigates the crises caused by migration, border, and integration policies that — all too often — fail to adequately protect the human rights and the dignity of those on the move.

    The project examines the human costs of these crises and the new instabilities and vulnerabilities that are introduced (such as increasing prejudice and discrimination towards migrants and refugees). It also considers the management of these migratory crises, and the roles of state and non-state actors in addressing the challenges faced by migrants and refugees.

    Focusing on different geographical regions — including the Mediterranean, Middle East, Central Asia, Northern African, and Southeast Asia — the project acknowledges that these contemporary crises did not emerge in a vacuum, but are situated within historical, geopolitical, environmental, and cultural contexts. The findings will help to inform policy, with the aim of preventing and better managing migratory and refugee crises in the future.

  • The book International Migration and International Security: Why Prejudice Is a Global Security Threat, by Valeria Bello, is an inter-disciplinary work that draws on both original research and learning from international relations, political science, and sociology to promote increased global human security through local, national, regional, and global practices of intercultural dialogue. https://www.routledge.com/International-Migration-and-International-Security-Why-Prejudice-is-a/Bello/p/book/9781138689473