Managing Water-Related Health Risks

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    Lina Taing

    Poor water quality and inadequate access to water, sanitation and hygiene poses significant health risks to millions of people around the world. These conditions cause outbreaks and the spread of disease, particularly neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), and contribute to poor health by exposing populations to various microbial and chemical hazards. In addition, poor water resources management, including water infrastructure for drinking water, sewerage, irrigation, hydropower, etc. can have negative implications for health. This is particularly true during humanitarian crises, where access to safe water during and after the crisis is lacking or non-existent.

    To address these issues, this project will contribute evidence to guide policymaking on these issues by:

    identifying and assessing the spread of water-related NTDs, and identifying relevant geographic areas for targeted action and relevant water management interventions to prevent and mitigate the spread of NTDs, especially within vulnerable populations
    investigating ways to improve health outcomes, especially for women and girls, and to improve water treatment options for water that is of poor quality due to natural contaminants
    identifying interventions to manage water resources, including water infrastructure, to minimise the negative effects on health
    exploring post-crisis management of water resources, while taking into account the sustainability of interventions, especially for vulnerable populations