Managing Water-related Health Risks

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    Praem Mehta

    Inadequate access to water, sanitation and hygiene — and poor water quality in general — poses significant health risks to millions of people around the world. These conditions cause outbreaks and the spread of disease, and contribute to poor health, especially in times of disaster and crisis.

    A resilient health system ensures that actors, institutions, and populations can effectively respond to crises, and maintain core functions when crises hit. But these systems depend on access to clean and safe water, something that one-third of all healthcare facilities lack in low- and middle-income countries.

    To address this issue, this project will:

    • identify relevant geographic areas for targeted action to prevent the spread of water-related disease, especially within vulnerable populations
    • investigate ways to improve health outcomes, especially for women and girls, and to improve water treatment options for water that is of poor quality due to natural contaminants
    • assess trade-offs between building resilience in health care facilities and addressing current needs

    The project will develop an evidence-based guide to policymaking on this issue, particularly with respect to water access, sanitation, and hygiene during humanitarian crises.

    • Manzoor Qadir Manzoor Qadir Assistant Director, Water and Human Development Programme