Lessons Learned Study on UN Engagement in Nepal 2000-2018

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    Rebecca Brubaker

    There is no documentation that looks comprehensively at UN efforts from its initial stages of engagement until the drawdown of its liaison presence in 2018. Nor is there authoritative documentation to date that captures Nepali perspectives of UN support. The study seeks to fill this gap by documenting the tools DPPA and the UN as a whole employed to support Nepal’s transition and capture reflections of Nepali actors at critical points in the peace process. More broadly, it seeks to extract lessons for improved UN performance, especially in the peace and security pillar of its work. The specific objectives of the study are: 1) To take stock of the different tools used by the UN through various phases of its engagement and identify good practices and lessons learned; 2) To capture the perspectives of Nepali actors on the success and challenges of UN support to the peace process; and 3) To make observations and recommendations to inform strategy development and planning for relevant future DPPA-DPO engagements.