Integrating food and feed crops to improve livelihoods and resilience to climate change

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    Effiom Oku

    Smallholder farmers in Northern Ghana suffer from a reduction in food crop harvests and scarcity of feeds for their animals. They face poor soil productivity and inadequate rainfalls that is exacerbated by climate change. The project aims to evaluate promising integrated systems that would increase and sustain food and feeds crop production; improve climate resilience; water and nutrient use efficiency. The focal point will be on cassava, cereal and legumes farmers with the integration of feed crops into their traditional farming systems. The practice of integrated system is expected to raise yield of animal manure for farmers’ use with a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This project will be carried out in 5 different villages in the Upper East of Ghana and working with the farmers in their fields and on-station. We expect improvement in food and feed production for humans and domestic animals, with secure livelihoods, enhance socioeconomic status and improve rural economy.