Inclusive Growth in Mozambique — Scaling Up Research and Capacity

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    Finn Tarp

    This collaborative project aims to support inclusive growth in Mozambique that substantially improves the living standards of the country’s population over the long term. To address ongoing challenges and make real progress, two Mozambican institutions — the Ministry of Economics and Finance, and the University Eduardo Mondlane — join forces with two institutions with extensive international networks and experience, UNU-WIDER and the University of Copenhagen.

    Together the four partner institutions have decades of experience generating the evidence necessary for effective policy formulation, designing actual policies, and capacity-building. Joint efforts aim to increase analytical capabilities and strengthen policymaking in the country. Through the project, partners work to seize new opportunities, while scaling up past efforts and aiming for major broad-based impact on the welfare of the Mozambican people.

    Key working areas of the project:

    • creating employment and protecting vulnerable groups
    • maintaining long-term macroeconomic balance
    • furthering structural transformation
    • improving socio-economic information systems for monitoring and evaluation