Governance for Sustainable Development

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    Norichika Kanie

    This project directly addresses the policymaking process needed to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It explores what structures and processes need to be in place for states and regions to achieve the SDGs, focuses on multi-stakeholder partnerships as a means to achieve them (e.g., by engaging companies & NGOs), and links science and policy to inform decision-making.

    Having previously contributed to the development of the SDGs themselves, this project continues to influence the SDG realisation process in at UN Headquarters (e.g., the 2016 Global Sustainable Development Report, and the annual High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development). The research undertaken aims to examine the major challenges in the field of sustainable development. It also examines fundamental questions about how to achieve sustainability in the twenty-first century, with a particular focus on Goal 12 (ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns).

    The project is funded, in part, by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment as part of the S-16 project of its Environmental Research and Technology Development Fund.

  • Reports

    Robert Lindner, Norichika Kanie, Mari Kosaka, Maki Koga, Yui Nakagawa, Steven Bernstein, Pam Chasek, Ruben Zondervan (editors) 2016. Building Blocks for the Institutional Architecture of the SDGs Science-Policy Interface: POST2015/UNU-IAS Conference Report. Tokyo: United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability.

    POST2015/UNU-IAS Policy Brief Series

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