Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict

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    UNU Office at the United Nations
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    Julia Blocher

     In December 2015 the UN Security Council held its first thematic debate on Trafficking in Persons in Conflict, and tasked the UN Secretary-General to “report back to the Council on progress made in 12 months”. This recent activity in the Security Council offers a powerful, but short, opening for drawing attention to human trafficking, sexual slavery and human smuggling, and for driving forward efforts to improve a coordinated, multi-sectoral response. Ahead of the UN Security Council’s anticipated consideration of a Report from the Secretary-General on ‘Trafficking in Persons in Conflict’ in December 2016, this project will bring practitioners and experts together to strengthen knowledge of non-state armed groups’ growing use of slavery and human trafficking as weapons of war, and develop concrete options for strengthening law enforcement and intelligence cooperation, using national and UN sanctions machineries, and harness existing public and private AML and counter-terrorist financing mechanisms.