Enhancing Resilience to Climate and Ecosystem Changes in Semi-Arid Africa (CECAR-Africa)

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    Osamu Saito

    CECAR-Africa is a project focused on climate and ecosystem change adaptation and resilience research. The goal of this project is to combine climate change and ecosystem change research and to build an integrated resilience enhancement strategy as a “Ghana model”. This model will be further discussed in a wider international development and environmental policy arena to contribute to global sustainable development. The project was initiated in 2009, and receives financial support from the the Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS), which is a collaborative programme of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), CECAR-Africa involves UNU-INRA and other leading adaptation and resilience research institutes in Ghana and Japan. A report of a preliminary joint workshop with Tokyo Medical and Dental University was published in March 2012. A kickoff meeting and research field visit for the project was held in Ghana on 2–3 May, 2012. The Joint Coordinating Committee of the project convened on 11–17 October 2012, and a research site selection survey was conducted on 18–19 October 2012. One planned outcome of the project is a special issue of the Journal of Disaster Research, to be published in 2014. Also, in August 2014 the project will organize an international conference in Ghana to present and share research outcomes.