Dresden Nexus Conference

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    Stephan Hülsmann

    The Dresden Nexus Conference is a biennial platform to advance the global sustainable development agenda by bringing actors together to collaborate on the Nexus Approach to resource management.

    The Nexus Approach to the sustainable management of water, soil, and waste integrates environmental management and governance across sectors and scales. This approach is based on the understanding that because environmental resources are inextricably linked, considering their mutual dependencies in environmental management may therefore increase overall resource efficiency, and thus ensure equitable benefit-sharing. Reducing, recycling, and reuse of resources is at the core of the Nexus Approach.

    At the 2017 Dresden Nexus Conference, more than 400 participants discussed the monitoring and implementation of the SDGs through the Nexus Approach. The focus of the 2015 conference was on the contributions of a Nexus Approach to the management of water, soil, and waste.

    The next conference is slated for 2019.