Development of National E-waste Management Systems

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    Otmar Deubzer

    Due to the growing e-waste mountains around the world, including those in developing and transition countries, there is an urgent need to develop national e-waste management systems. This is an issue of high priority for UNU-ViE SCYCLE.

    The electronics and ICT sectors are increasing in Ethiopia; products will one day become waste. SCYCLE has therefore collaborated with UNIDO in a GEF-funded pilot project to engage Ethiopian stakeholders and facilitate the development of a responsible e-waste management system in the country. Additional funds are from the Ethiopian side, and from various members of the UNU hosted Step Initiative. The Project Advisory Group has been assisting the government draft legislation and design the system and one chief output is the commissioning of an e-waste dismantling plant as formal entry point for future waste flows.

    UNU-ViE SCYCLE was contracted as International Project Coordinator (IPC), and chaired the International Advisory Group of the project, representing governmental, research, private and international entities.

    UNU-ViE SCYCLE is also advising various more governments in Africa, Asia and the South Pacific in developing e-waste management systems.