UNU-GTP Customer Designed Short Courses

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    UNU Iceland
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    Capacity development
    Project Manager :
    Ludvik Georgsson

    In 2010 UNU-GTP started capacity building efforts through customer designed short courses. This service of the UNU-GTP was triggered by an urgent need for training in countries planning fast-tracking of geothermal development, while it has also been an offspring of the regular training and Short Courses and the material prepared there. This has proven to be a good opportunity for some countries/institutions in need of a rapid capacity building process, beyond what UNU-GTP can provide under its conventional operations and funding, and which have themselves the strength or the support of external mechanisms to finance such events. The paying customer defines the outline of the Short Course, while the UNU-GTP oversees the course, hires lecturers, produces teaching materials, and thus guarantees the quality of the content. The contents of the customer designed courses have varied from general geothermal / geoscientific courses to more specific courses including hands-on training in the laboratory and in the field with extended follow-up by geothermal experts. The number of participants in the courses has varied from about 15 to 61 and the length from 1 week to 6 months.