Conflict prevention in an era of climate change

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    Adam Day

    In 2018, UN University’s Centre for Policy Research (UNU-CPR) carried out evidence-based research into how the RC system can and does help to prevent conflict, in direct support of the UN Development System reform.

     Building on this work, we propose to draw experiences from field settings, focusing on how UN Country Teams and their partners can prevent and mitigate climate-related security risks with a particular focus on the role of RCs. By learning from experiences in settings already affected by climate change, this project will offer compelling narrative descriptions of the challenges in such contexts, lessons learned from a broad range of stakeholders working to address climate-related risks, and policy implications for the multilateral system. This project has been developed in consultation with the UNDP/DPPA/UNEP climate-security mechanism and is designed to support both the reformed UNDS system and contribute directly to the goals of Sustaining Peace. It is also designed to offer concrete recommendations to both the UN and Member States engaged in conflict prevention, including how Member States can support better prevention responses. It offers a key first step towards a broader effort across the multilateral system to frame climate-security as a key element of prevention and capacitate the UN with the strategies and resources needed to respond effectively.

    • Adam Day Adam Day Director of Programmes
      Project Manager