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    Adam Day


    The Climate Diplomacy project, in support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explores the foreign policy dimension of climate change and climate policy, including the impacts on peace, conflict and security in different regions around the world. Work package 1 of the project, Shaping climate and stability globally, includes activities to bring climate and security, as one of Germany’s priority topics for its membership in the UN Security Council in 2019-2020, more into the focus of the UN system. This includes informing the work of the Climate Security Mechanism and the UN system as such, feeding into the discussion within different international and regional fora, as well as providing support to Germany’s activities during its membership in the Council on the links between climate and security.

    Furthermore, the project looks in particular at opportunities to enhance action of the Security Council on climate-related security issues and to spur the halted discussion around possible options for the Council to act on this complex.

    To attain a more systematic anchoring of climate and security in the UN Security Council and in other UN organs and related bodies, the project will provide capacity building, trainings as well as research, guidelines and information on climate-related security risks to relevant actors. Recipients of these knowledge and communication products will include member states of the Council and Group of Friends on Climate and Security Risks, the UN organs and related bodies, and the international community more broadly.

    Despite the increasing salience of the topic of climate change and security, there is currently no single address to turn to for support and policy advice. On 1 August 2018, Germany, together with the Pacific state Nauru, officially established the Group of Friends on Climate and Security in the United Nations.

    In support of this Group of Friends, as well as the UN system’s response to demands for enhanced resilience-building, adelphi is acting as the Secretariat of the Climate and Security Expert Network that will feed its expertise into both fora. By bringing together a broad range of expertise and matching it with the specific needs of the policy community working with the UN Security Council, the expert body would complement the budding architecture of the global climate security community, putting its expertise at the disposal of the UNSC and the UN climate security mechanism. The Expert Network provides thematic and regional expertise and may be consulted for background information, briefings as well as regional consultations. In addition, a roster of individual experts supports specific, discrete tasks to support the expert network.

    The Climate and Security Expert Network serves three main functions:

    1) Providing scientific evidence: providing swift demand-driven reviews and assessments based on the best available evidence on risks and opportunities and access to a global network of leading eesearchers and regional expertise;

    2) Giving strategic advice: providing access to leading experts for strategic and policy advice on how to build resilience to climate-security risks and on where opportunities and entry points are arising;

    3) Advocacy: leveraging high-profile individuals, institutions and networks to raise awareness, build coalitions and constituencies, and support agenda setting.

    Towards achieving the objectives outlined above, the contractor shall support adelphi and the Climate and Security Expert Network with developing and conducting research on the topic of climate security and the UN system. Based on this research, the contractor shall furthermore develop and/or contribute to different dissemination and communication products and formats, such as publications, (online) events, dialogues, and consultations.


    Research, analysis and (co-)writing of at least 2 publications on climate security and the UN system with a length between 10-20 pages for a brief and 750 – 1000 words for a blog/article.
    Conceptual development, preparation, facilitation, participant management and conduct of

    at least 2 dialogue events to foster discussion and awareness of climate security issues within the UN system.

    Written and, if feasible, digital documentation of the dialogue events. Documentation of the events, particularly the outcome of the discussions, in the form of one meeting report and 1 policy brief (at least 2 pages) to include key findings. The contractor may change the deliverables upon discussion with adelphi if other communication products are deemed more useful.
    Conducting consultations with different entities of the UN system on climate and security to elevate the issues, and to promote the Climate and Security Expert Network, in close coordination with adelphi. The contractor shall select the entities consulted in close coordination with adelphi. Documentation of the consultations shall be provided to adelphi.

    • Adam Day Adam Day Head of the Geneva Office
      Project Manager