Cities and Climate Change: addressing a global issue at the local level

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    Magali Dreyfus

    In a nutshell, the purpose of the research is to enhance knowledge on cities and climate change (CC). The proposed study focuses on cities for two reasons: first, they appear to be particularly vulnerable to CC; second, at the same time, they are a key actor to tackle this issue. Since studies on urban vulnerability and resilience are now quite numerous, the project aims at enriching the body of knowledge by introducing legal analysis in the discussion. Thus it dwells on the role of local governments and their powers and on how they have integrated in their policies CC concerns. The major underpinning questions of the proposed research are: – What strategies have been adopted in urban areas to handle CC related risks? – More specifically, how CC impacts are integrated in urban legal documents and governance processes? Climate strategies can have a holistic or sectoral approach. The proposed study will provide an assessment of these policies in terms of efficiency, sustainability and replicability. Through the examination of local adaptation and legal tools, the proposed study aims at identifying drivers and barriers faced by public authorities as well as solutions to overcome them. Examples of efficient actions may come out and analysed to draw up potential opportunities for other cities.